torsdag 26 juni 2014


Yesterday morning att Ingas house she invited us to take a Angel Card on our way out
I got Creativity 
and not once.....

but twice:)
She also got these other cards written by Louise L. Hay
It was so funny to get the same message from both cards:) 

It was my turn to lead and we meditated for few minutes 
did some sitting stretches
and then the Moon Salutation 

It is such a blessing to get to do yoga with your friends in the morning
such a privilege<3

Have a great time
and enjoy life:)
Jai Bhagwan 

tisdag 24 juni 2014

Friends and yoga

I am in Iceland for a visit
and every morning I meet with my two best friends to do yoga together
what a luxury:)
both of them are yoga teachers and we take turns in leading 
this morning it was Ingas turn (the one in green)
we did some standing positions today
among others the Sun Salutation
she dos it a bit different then I do 
nice with some change:)
thank you Inga<3

Here they are in the Half Moon

I hope you have time for your yoga:)
Jai Bhagwan 

måndag 23 juni 2014


Life is such a delight it is just to give our selfs the opportunity 
to see it.

We can choose to see all the nice things that are always there
instead of seeing all the problems or see everything as a problem 
and enjoy things with delight instead :)
Shell we give Delight a try and meet all things with joy :)

Have a great day
Jai Bhagwan Sif

torsdag 12 juni 2014

Take time

Time time time
it is so much that I want to do
and there is so much that I have to do
and it seams that there is never enough time

But to day I took time for my body
first I went out for a run-walk
a couple a years ago I started with this run-walk thing
I do it for a period of time and then I don´t do it for another period of time!
But now the weather is in favor so it is just to find time
you can do it for twenty minutes or more, I never go for less then 20 minutes 

So this is how it go´s !
you walk powerfully for 10 min 
then you run 2 min
walk again 2 min 
run 2 min
walk 2 min
run 2 min 

not to complain about the view on the way:) 

Then back at home some stretches 

and now that I have started why not do the Sun Salutation

and then continue with the Moon Salutation

20 minutes meditation
so needed!

and then total relaxation
also very needed :)

So my 20 minutes run-walk
became 1 hour body and mind time

I hope this will inspire you to take care of your body:)
Jai Bhagwan