onsdag 19 november 2014

The Moon Salutation

Today we can do the Moon Salutation 
if you don´t have time in the morning you can do it at your lunch break
you don´t need so much space and you can do it without your yoga mat

Start in The Mountain
and ground your self
use your breath to relax into your stretches 

Take time for healing said the Angels today

If you are sore in your body
why not give yourself a massage in your favorite massage place
Mälarhöjdens Lilla Spa have great masseurs

Or soften your body with a hot bath
put some body salt in your bath water 
light a candle and relax 

Or just lie down and relax with some soft musik
and candles

I wish you a great day:)
hugs and Jai Bhagwan 

lördag 15 november 2014


I am so blessed with my yoga classes
I love the saturday mornings 
it is so quiet in the neighborhood on the way there 
not that I live in a noose neighborhood:) it is very quiet
but somehow it is a different quiet at saturdays

I prepare the room, take out the mattresses and the blankets
put on some music and light the candles 
and then my wonderful yoginis start to come:)

Today we did among other postures 

Head to knee

The Dog

The Cat

The Half Headstand

Sitting Yoga Mudra

The Mountain

The Half Moon both sides 

The Bridge

And the Angels have something on their mind,
 I got Strength again today

I guess that they are telling us to be strong no matter what
even though we think the live are a bit difficult sometimes 
we can look inside and find our strength and smile at the problems
and they will seem smaller 
lest´s give it a try:)))

Have a great day today
Jai Bhagwan 

lördag 8 november 2014


A few postures for today  

Start with 10 minutes meditation:)

The half moon 
Increases the flexibility in the spine
Stimulate the digestion 
Develop concentration 

Yoga Mudra 
calms the mind and emotions and tranquilizes the whole system
Stretches the spinal column 
Increases the flexibility in legs and hips, shoulders and arms
Gives your intestinal organs a massage

The Crane 

both sides

tip to the side

both sides

When I feel a lack of strength I go out for a power walk
not only do I strengthen my body and fill it with energy 
I also fill my head with fresh air that strengthen my mind

What do you do to fill your self with strength? :) 

I wish you a happy day :)
Jai Bhagwan

onsdag 5 november 2014

Few postures for today

If you feel that you don´t have so much time 
you can have a short yoga session for your self
here are a few postures you can do today
Remember the deep breath to help you deepening your stretches  
inhale and relax
exhale and fall deeper in to your stretch 

A great stretch for your back and legs

Do this one on both sides
and open up your sides

The Dog and the Cat

The Fish

The Bridge

 The half Shoulder stand 

The Plough 

Have faith in yourself 
Listen inside and hear what you need
and hear how you can do to get what you want
It is only you that can master your life
the solution is inside
Have faith in you

Have a nice day today:)
Jai Bhagwan

söndag 2 november 2014

God morning Sunshine

Why not start this wonderful day with the Sun Salutation 
Repeat it two or four times and you have giving your body a great start for the day
remember to take deep breaths with your movements 
and mediated on your body and what happens with it when you do your yoga 

Treat your body with tenderness and respect
it is the only one you got:)

Have a tender day:)
Jai Bhagwan