lördag 9 november 2013

Cosy inside

on a gray autumn day
its raining and the sky is nearly black in the middle of the day  

This morning was the last saturday yoga class for this term 
we will start again at the end of january next year
Time really flays 
Thank you all for this time :)

Willingness said the Angels today
we have to be willing to set a side time to take care of our selfs
do something that makes us fell good
in the body, soul and mind
do you like to dance
do you like jogging
to walk
to do yoga 
what is your thing 
that you are willing to do for your self to feel well ?

If yoga is right for you today here are some postures for you

The airplane
to do one both sides

you can also use it as a breathing exercise 
then you swift from side to side with a hara breath 
hah hah hah hah
breathing from abdomen    

The Warrior 

good for your; 
and more  

The Dancer

good for your;
nervous system
and more

The Camel

good for your;
back and shoulders
abdominas muscles
blood circulation
and more 

The Poppy stretch 

good for your;
back and spine

The child pose 

good for;
calming the mind and emotions 
tranquilizes the hole system 


I hope this helps you with your practice 
Thank you for stopping by 
and have a nice weekend 

Jai Bhagwan Sif

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