torsdag 26 september 2013

Few moments this morning

Just a few moments in the morning for yoga and meditation 
roll out your yoga mat, light a candle and just take the time:)
What a different it makes
I love it

Two times the Sun Salutation
The Moon Salutation
Spinal Twist
The Shoulder stand
and few more

Have a great day
Jai Bhagwan

onsdag 25 september 2013


Open up for all the wonderful things life have to offer

Look up and see the blue sky
Look around and see all the colors 
Look at others and see their smiles 

Thank you for stopping by
Jai Bhagvan

söndag 22 september 2013


To be more efficient I like doing a list of everything that I need to do, 
specially when I don't have much time
I really like my lists, I love when I can check of from it

buy flowers - check
do my yoga - check
post a blog - check 
call the dentist for an appointment   - check 
meditate - check
pay the bills - check
relaxing in the garden - check

I hope that your day will be great:)
Jai Bhagwan

torsdag 19 september 2013


It is so important how we communicate with each other
A good rule is to always talk to people the way you want people to talk to you,
talk to others like you where talking to your self
I will try to remember to do that myself:)

Unfortunately I have not been doing my meditation or yoga every day.
Now when all the routines are back after the summer I use my time differently
But some short moments I close my eyes and find my breath,
it really helps in a busy schedule 

Remember that you only need a moment 
to do good for your self<3

Have a great day today
Jai Bhagwan

måndag 16 september 2013

Quiet moments

Sitting in silence on a bench in the archipelago 
contemplating this beautiful view holding my loved ones hand   
A time for inner and outer peace

I wanted to shear this stillness with you<3

Have a great day today
Jai Bhagwan