söndag 27 april 2014


We must have faith in ourselves
Trust that we know what to do and what is best for us
If you listen inside you will know what is best for you

I will have faith in me and my decisions:)

Have a great day

måndag 21 april 2014

Garden yoga

This weekend the weather has been just great
and yesterday morning I did my yoga in the garden for the first time this year

I did the Sun Salutation twice 

And then the Moon Salutation

With those two you cover all the muscles in the body
it s a great start for the day:)

This morning I did my gymnastic 
that is also a great start:)

I hope you are taking care of your body and soul:)
I hope that the fotos helps you with your practice 
Have a great day today
I am going to:) the weather is wonderful

Jai Bhagwan 

lördag 19 april 2014

Happy Easter

...dear friends
I hope that you all are having a happy holidays

I am enjoying the time off and this morning I started with 50 min gymnastic 
I have not been doing my gymnastic since before christmas because of my operation
but this week I started and it felt great,
Combining yoga and these exercises is perfect
I got this dvd with exercises for 50+ that is perfect to keep up the conditioning  
working with the belly, thighs and arms
and just keep strong:)
It leaves me with a felling of strength and energy  

I wish you a Happy Holiday 
and I hope you are enjoying life

Thank you for stopping by:)
Jai Bhagwan

söndag 13 april 2014


Sometimes I thing that the Angels know´s what is going on in my life
and send me guidance ;)
I am wondering about starting a small project with a friend and
one morning I was thinking about why and the pro and the contras
and passing by where I have the Angels Cards I took one and it said
Birth and I chose to take it as a sign to let something new be born
and go for it

Do you have something exiting you want in your life
and you don´t know if you should go for it or not
sit for a moment in stillness
ask your self in silence
and listen carefully and you will know:)

Thank you for stopping by today
and I hope you have a great day

Jai Bhagwan