måndag 28 januari 2013

Birthday yoga

Today is my birthday and I had a wonderful morning with two friends doing yoga at my house. Thank you for joining me today:)

Many, many years ago a five wonderful women stared a little group for self healing, we met every two weeks for few years to do yoga and mediated together. And we had a workbook, Connecting at heart, with exercises for personal growth. We worked together on getting stronger as individuals and develop as persons.  

Every time we can four of the group meet and do yoga together, which is unfortunately not so often because we don’t live in the same country, two are living in Iceland and two in Stockholm. Luckily for me one of the girls from Iceland is visiting Stockholm this weekend and I could celebrate me day with two of three yoga friends. We missed you Inga Þóra:)

We got each a card from the Angels, Courage, Efficiency and Brotherhood.

More yoga for my birthday, tonight  yoga with my wonderful Monday group:) Lucky me

Thank you all for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

fredag 25 januari 2013

A walk in Fairytale Land

 It’s just adorable outside in Winter Land, it is like walking in a Fairytale.
Such a luxury to be able to take a walk nearly everyday. It is cold outside and it makes me walk powerfully and determined and I fill myself with energy. The sun is shining and I am alone with my thoughts and nature. I can hear some birds singing and some snowflakes fall from the trees and lands on my face.  
The trees are amazingly beautiful   

Obedience was the word from the Angels today, I am sitting here wondering what that can mean for me, I will wonder on! 
What dos it means for you?

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

onsdag 16 januari 2013

Why do yoga?

Why should we do yoga? Why not just let it by.
I stared practicing yoga twenty four years ago. In a yoga center located on the main street of Palma de Mallorca. That’s a long time ago and I am very thankful to myself that I did it.
It has been a good thing for me. I have always been a little tens person, always on the run, everything has to happen quickly and preferable five minutes ago. And there is nothing wrong with that, it´s just important to not run all the time, to give your self a break once in a while. 
I practice my one hour yoga program from my Spanish center nearly every day for two years. Then I came back to Iceland and had this feeling that I needed to advance some in my practice. And I took classes for beginners at the Kripalu Center in Reykjavik, it was great and after few months I went to Kripalu Center in Massachussets and took the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training program. That was one off the best things I have done. And I have been giving classes ever since, here in Stockholm, in Iceland and in Spain.

For me I think it was a vital thing, a great tool to keep calm and be tranquil and be able to have my life under control. Because if you are always running you don’t give your self time to breath and feel.
The calmness off Kripalu Yoga is wonderful. I might have been running all day at work and are even stressing from work to give my Monday classes, but just be getting to the yoga premises and lighting the candles and putting on the music I get calmer, my body and mind works calmer and different. I get in my yoga mood :) And I can see the same thing in my yoginis, how they get calm and relaxed just by getting there. And not to mention when the leave:) They glow from there inner light.  It is just wonderful to be a yoga instructor and get to participate in someone else’s well being.
And it is not only for the calming part that you want to do yoga, it is also a fantastic tool for the body.
You work with your mussels, your nerve system, your digestive system and your blood circulation…. The mere satisfaction of working with our body in a conscious way, to feel every stretch, to feel how
your body comes alive, is worth every movement.    

The Angels says hello with, Beauty, Patience, Simplicity and Light. Hope you have all that in your live:)

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

tisdag 8 januari 2013

New Start

We all want to take care off our self’s and many off us think more about it with the beginning of a new year. We want to do better with new energy.  I think it it’s a good idea to dived time in years, months, weeks and days, it gives us the possibility to get a grip on our time. I like it. And I always like New Year, it brings a feeling off a new start  and fresh energy, hopefully we get some rest over the holidays and we can recharged our batteries and boy do we need that. Last year was a little tuff year in many way and am I tiered, 
but I am hopeful for the new year and I have already started charging my batteries. 
A long powerful walk, a gymnastic hour for 50+.
But the trick is to find time for all that, work, family and all there is to do and also take care off your self. I once was at a seminar with a spiritual teacher and one off the participants said that she wanted to practice her yoga everyday, but that she was a mother off tree and a full time worker and she didn’t find the time to do her practice.  The teacher told her to wake up earlier in the morning before everybody else was up, wish would have meant a about five in the morning in her case. I have always remembered this answer. What he meant was, find time, make time! But it is not always that easy, is it ? Sometimes life just get´s in the way and we have to prioritize. But there is always a moment here and there and we can try to grab them and pause for a moment, close our eyes for a second and meditate on our breath or just stop for awhile and stretch, doesn’t have to take more then two minutes.

-Stand on the floor and stretch out your arms to the sides and over your head, put your hands together,cross the right leg over the left leg with both feats on the floor and bend over to the left, take a few deep breaths and hold for a moment. Shift to the other side and hold for a moment. Repeat on both sides.
-Stand with our feet’s a little bit more than hip wide apart, stretch out your arms to your sides in shoulder level and bend forward from the hips, with your body parallel to the floor. Press out through the crown off our head and out through your tailbone, elongate your spine and press out through your fingers, press the soles off your feet’s down into the floor. Take deep breaths and hold for a moment.
-Let your upper body relax forward and hang in the ragdoll for a moment.
Slowly come up in a standing position.

Patience was the word yesterday, I needed to be reminded off that. I am rather inpatient and it is not always a good thing, but sometimes it is a great help.
Today was Play, have you taken some time to play today?

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

lördag 5 januari 2013

Happy new year everybody

Nu börjar vi igen, så härligt, terminen börjar
Måndag 14/1 kl. 19.00 – 20.00 15 ggr. 1.875:-
Lördag   19/1 kl. 09.00 – 10.00 12 ggr  1.500:-

Jag ser jätte mycket framemot att träffa er alla, det blir skönt att börja igen och träffa er alla
Välkomna med er anmälan eller förfrågningar både nya och gamla,

The classes are starting again, so nice, we start
Monday 14/1 at 19.00 – 20.00 15 weeks 1.875:-
Saturday 19/1 at 09.00 – 10.00 12 weeks 1.500:-

I am looking forward to see you all soon, it will be so nice to start again and meet you all. 

 As so many of my visitors at the blog are not in Sweden I will mostly write in English, it takes so much time to write in both languishes, I am sorry!  I hope that is all right for my Swedish visitors.

I know that it has been way to long time since I have posted on the blog, it was crazy busy at the end of last year but now I hope I will have more time for the blog. I have missed my blogging. And I have missed my Angel cards and my reflections about them. The first word from the Angels for the New Year is Joy. Such a nice word to start the New Year with, fill your heart with Joy and spread it around you
Joy to the world lallallla lalalllllallllalala

I have been doing some yoga over the holidays, but not as much as I wanted. I want to do more yoga, but sometimes you have to use your time to do something else.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to give more time to my blog
Jai Bhagwan