onsdag 30 september 2015


How adventurous are you?
When was the last time you did something that you never done before?
Or something that you did as a child but haven't done as a grown up?
What do you want to do but don't do?
Oh my what a challenge 
I´ll have to thing about this and do something adventurous soon
how exciting:)

Have great fun to day and go seek adventures :)
Jai jai

lördag 26 september 2015

My new yoga sign

At the local where I have my yoga they have put up a new sign 
for he different activities that are going on there
we have dance lessons and we are three different yoga instructors 

I have been having my yoga lessons  there for 11 or 12 years
and there are some ladys that have been there with my from the start
great yogis:)

It is such a wonderful day here in Stockholm today
I will go out and do some mindful gardening
Have a great day today:)
Jai Bhagwan 

fredag 4 september 2015


Det har redan gott två veckor av denna termin, 
ja tiden går fort tycker jag!
Men det finns många veckor kvar och tid for healing

Även om vi har redan börjat kan du hoppa in och var med,
Lördagar kl. 09.00 – 10.00 
Måndagar  kl. 19.00 – 20.00  

Med yoga tar du hand om din kropp, själ och sinne 
du behöver inte så mycket annat än dig själv för att må bättre
lite tid, medveten andning och några sträckningar :)
Välkommen <3

It has already gone two weeks of this term:)
Yes time flies 
but there are many weeks left
and a lot of time for healing 

I hope that you will have a great weekend
Jai Bhagwan

måndag 24 augusti 2015

Back to yogaclasses

Today was the first yoga class this season 
it was great to sit there with my wonderful grupp again and 
everybody was happy to be back
Yoga is wonderful:)

Here are some af the poses we did this evening 

Moon Salutation 

The Tree

The Shoulder Stand

The Plough 

The cobra

The boat 

Treat your body with tenderness <3

Jai Bhagwan 

tisdag 18 augusti 2015

Välkommen att prova på Yoga

Lördagen 22 augusti är du varmt välkommen att 
gratis prova på yoga kl. 09.00 - 10.00 
i Villa Fridhem i Mälarhöjden, Bellmanskällevägen 18

Yogamattor finns på plats
du behöver bara ha på dig bekväma kläder:)


fredag 17 juli 2015

My beautiful yoga sisters

When I am in Iceland I always meet with my wonderful soul mates and we do yoga together, 
we met more then twenty years ago in Stockholm and they joined my yoga classes. 
Both of them are since many years yoga instructors from Kripalu Center and lead there own yoga classes. 
We meet as often as we can, do yoga and share our happyness and sorrows 

Thank you for being in my life my dear beautiful yoga sisters<3

Now I will join my self and do some yoga:)

Have a great day and don't forget your yoga
Hugs and Jai Bhagwan 

torsdag 16 juli 2015

More New York

It is such a luxury to have a hole room for yourself for your morning practice:)
this is the room I used in New York


the butterfly 

head to knee

the bridge 

the shoulder stand

the plough 

Meditation nearly every day and some stretches
now I will sit in my glasveranda and mediate 
and if the grass is not to humid from yesterdays heavy rain I will do my exercise outside

Are you taking time for your yoga practice and taking care of you
enjoy your summer:)

Jai Bhagwan 

tisdag 23 juni 2015

Yoga in New York

I am visiting in New York and in the building where I am staying, there is a gym and a room for yoga. I go down there every other morning for yoga and meditation. 
We are walking all day and it is so nice to treat the body with stretches and concusness 
twenty minutus meditation and then a little more then half an hour yoga:)

two times a very slow and meditative Sun Salutation

and then the Moon Salutation 
also slowly and meditative 

followed by some other postures 
like the Bridge

 the Shoulderstand 

 and the Plough 

I hope that your are enjoying your yoga practice this summer:)
thank your for visting
Jai Bhagwan 

fredag 15 maj 2015

Mindfulness meditation

25 minutes mindfulness meditation in the sun
I can sit in my glasveranda with the door open and sitt in the sun and stay warm in my stillness 
even though it is a bit could outside 

Sitting mindfulness meditation; 
by aware how you sit and the sensation in your body where the body touches the ground
what does it feel like, be conscious
take few minutes to meditate one that

Then shift your focus to the sounds around you or within you
listens to the sounds without thinking about where they come from
feel the sounds, acknowledge them and let go 
take few minutes for the sounds

Then shift your focus to your breath 
find the place in our body where it is easiest to focus on the breath 
when the air is going in and out your nostrils 
where the chest riches and falls 
or the movements in your abdomen 
fallow the breath for few minutes

Then shift your focus to your thoughts 
where do they come from
where do they go to
what are they
see your thoughts and then let them go
try to not dwell on them and get carried away in stories or memories
take few minutes with your thoughts 

Then shift your focus to your breath again 
just sit for a moment in the stillness and be aware of the breath and your body 
Take the time you need 

What is the purpose with meditating?
For my it is crucial so that I won't run around in unconiusnes,
not hearing what my body tries to tell me,
not noticing when I am woking to much,
when I am missing the moment.
It helps my being in the moment

Thank you for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan 

lördag 9 maj 2015

Meditation in the sun

A Saturday morning and the sun is shining
and I meditated in the sun
can it get any better than that:)

The Saturday classes are finished this term
now everybody will enjoy their Saturday mornings in another way, 
hopefully in the sun in their summerhouses 

I am enjoying sitting in my sunny garden writhing this post
with my beautiful daughter laying here next to me sunbathing
I hope you are having a great morning:)

I am meditating every day, 15 - 25 minutes in the morning
and 10 minutes before I go to sleep to
In the evening I meditated a heeling meditation
to thank my body for the day and that it carries my around all day
and that it is doing it best to handel everything I put in it
It is not always the best stuff I feed it with
but the body tries to do its best with it and we try to work together
It gives my signs when I am out of line
and I´v been eating stuff that is not good for us
it gives me headache
a pain in my knee
sore throat
dry skin
and I get forceless and tiered
these and more are all signs that I have to take better care of what I eat.
I am grateful for my body and the way it tries to work with me:)

Abundance said the Angels today
I am grateful for everything I have
I don't need more
some of the things that can not be to much off is

Have a wonderful day today:)
Thank your for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan

lördag 11 april 2015

Saturday morning

I like Saturdays, I get to start the day with my yoga class
It is quiet in the morning, not many people around

 We did work with our shoulders and back
and dit the Sun Salutation slowly
and some other postures 
it was a meditative morning 
and we ended with relaxation 

Efficiency was the message from the Angels to day
and I will go out in the garden and enjoy the sun and do some gardening  

I hope you have a great day to day
Jai Bhagwan 

fredag 10 april 2015

Hi there

Hi my dear yoga friends
 thank you all for stopping by even though I have been away from the blog for awhile

Expectancy said the Angels today
and that is exactly the twinkling feeling these days of springtime:)
 when the days get longer and brighter
and the temperature rises a bit every day.
The expectations of seeing what nature offers next
seeing all the wonderful colors of spring bulbs that are emerging from the earth

I am meditating two times a day
20 minuts in the morning and 10 minuts in the evening.
How is it going with your meditation?

I am taking a curse in Mindfulness these weeks
and I like it very much
it is wonderful with all this awareness,
 reminding myself to take time to be in the moment
be aware of the motions and feelings that comes and goes all the the time.

I hope you are all fine and thank you for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan

fredag 20 februari 2015

4 years today

Happy birthday yogamedsif
today are four years since I started this blogg, 
I like sharing my yoga with all of you 
and I hope that my yoga practice help you with yours:)

At the right side on the blog page you find the older posts and you can join me 
 down memory lane and visit the first day and some older posts 

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

söndag 25 januari 2015


Trust said the Angels today
I am trusting that this new year will be a very good year in all ways
Time flies and January is in its last week and so far it has been alright 
I trust that life will treat all of us well:)

How is your meditation going
are you still following the two times a day meditation
I am! it is all about just doing it:)
if you have 10 minutes or if you have an half an hour 
dosen´t matter
This morning I hade a bit more time so I sat for twenty five minutes, nice:)

I hope you have a great day today
Jai Bhagwan 

onsdag 21 januari 2015

Välkommen att prova på yoga

Välkommen att gratis 
Prova på Yoga i Mälarhöjden 
Villa Fridhem, Bellmansskällevägen 18

Lördagen 24 januari kl. 10.30-11.30 

Instruktör: Sif Ulfarsdottir
 Info: sif.ulfarsdottir@gloclanet.net
telefon: 0707 490762

onsdag 14 januari 2015

This season classes starts this next weekend

We have had a long nice Christmas vacation
but now it´s time to meet again and 
stretch, breathe and meditate

We start next Saturday 17/1 at 09.00 -10.00
13 grr. 1.755:-
and Monday 19/1 19.00-20.00
15 grr. 2.025:-
You are so welcome:)

Truth said the Angels this evening
We should always be truthful to our selfs
are you truly listening to your self and your needs  

I hope you are fine:)
Jai Bhagwan

måndag 5 januari 2015

Happy New Year

Hi everybody :)
I wish you all a very happy and good new year 
I hope it has already started well and that you are in harmony
with your self and your life 

I mediated for 20 minutes this morning 
and did 50 minutes gymnastik 
and the energy is at it best
 I am ready to get to work
with a calm mind and body full of life
I am in harmony with my self:)

Maybe you have time for a Sun Salutation today  

I hope that you have a wonderful day today
Jai Bhagwan