torsdag 27 mars 2014

40 days Meditation

Once again I have been invited to join my friends in Iceland
for at 40 days meditation with the Miracle Mantra  
you are welcome to join us
it is only 11 minutes of your day but can give you so much:)

Bellow you will find the link to the music and mantra 

In celebration of our very first Mirabai Ceiba concert in Iceland we will be doing a 40 day meditation using the Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das performed by MC. 

We will start on the 26th of March and the 40th day will be the day of the concert, the 4th of May.

Sit with a straight spine in easy pose or on a chair. 
Hands are in prayer pose. 
Eyes focus at the third eye. 

Duration 11 minutes.

This mantra relates directly to healing and protective energy represented by Guru Ram Das. It is a mantra of humility, relaxation and self healing. It projects the mind to infinity, and opens the space to be guided from the heart and compassion.
Here is a link to MC version:

I will start to night and see if my daughter and husband will join me

Thank you for stopping by
I hope you have a great day
Jai Bhagwan Sif

tisdag 25 mars 2014


To feel peace in your self
in the stillness you can find inner peace

I wish you a great and peaceful day today
Thank you for stopping by 
Jai Bhagwan 

söndag 23 mars 2014


To forgive is big
it brings you peace when you forgive, 
when you think that somebody has done you wrong
when somebody has done something that disappointed you deeply
when somebody do something that hurt you
or when somebody does something that is not god for them selfs and it upset you
when you feel that injustice have been done
So many times we find us selfs in situations where we can choose to let go and forgive 
or hang on to the disappointment and drain energy 

Forgive your self
Forgive others 

Thank you for stopping by
and have a nice week

Jai Bhagwan

torsdag 20 mars 2014

My yoga for today

I started with the Sun Salutation
I did repeat it two times

 Some stretches for the back and the legs 

 Cycling for the muscles in the abdomen  

The Fish 

The Bridge 

 The Schouder Stand

 The Plough 



Feeling good and ready for a great day

Thank you for stopping by today
I hope you day is great
Jai Bhagwan 

måndag 10 mars 2014

Yoga tonight

The yoga classes stared few weeks ago and I am so happy that we are back in action
and my foot is going well and I can do nearly everything

Tonight we did the Sun Salutation
The Triangel 
Standing Yoga Mudra 
and more 

thank you all beautiful women that come every week
I really enjoy my classes with you all:)

Jai Jai

torsdag 6 mars 2014

Life live spontaneously

I love spontaneity
I am a spontaneous person and I like to do things that was not scheduled, 
to just jump at fun things to do, enjoy life as it comes and not plan everything in advance 
grab the opportunities that come your way

I mean, someone ask you out for a coffee and you where thinking of doing something else
I can drop that and enjoy the company of my friend instead 

be spontaneous of you
do spontaneous things that will surprise you
let the spontaneity in your life

Life your life spontaneously today:)
Jai Bhagwan 

tisdag 4 mars 2014

Mälarhöjdens Lilla Spa

Have you been to Mälarhöjdens Lilla Spa,
if not, I highly recommend it 
it is such a wonderful oasis, the atmosphere is so relaxing and calming
and the staff is so caring 
they have all kinds of treatments
massage, manicure......  

my daughter and I just love it 

here you can visit their website

Abundance said the Angels today
It so unfair how some life in abundance and others have nothing
the greed of few is so much that others suffer for it 
Lets share what we have

Thank you for stopping by today
hugs Sif

söndag 2 mars 2014


The truth is
 that yoga is great for me and my wellbeing 
even thought I don´t do my ashanas every day yoga is always present,
helping me with my consciousness, my breathing  
and reminding my of taken care of my body, soul and mind 

it gives me the opportunity to take a moment to slow down with meditation when I am going to fast
to stretch my back when I am walking 
to be aware of everything around my, the beauty of everything
enjoy the little things in life:)

What is your truth 

Thank you for stopping by 
Jai Bhagwan