lördag 30 mars 2013

Happy Easter everybody

I hope that you have a great Ester Holydays and can enjoy life as you want to do it :)

There is no yoga class today Saturday or next Monday, but you can do the Sun Salutation every day, two times each side and your body, mind and soul will love you :)

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

lördag 23 mars 2013

Yoga today

At today’s yoga class we did warm up with some stretches for the neck and shoulders:
Please feel free to follow the instructors below, but be sure that you understand them and that you don´t hurt you yourself and do them at our one risk:)

Sit with your spine straight, on the floor our on a chair, let your head drop forward and press your shoulders slightly backwards. Hold as long as you want, and inhale and exhale regularly.
Lift your head up to center and pause for a moment.
Then look left, with both shoulders facing forward, deepening the stretch by winding your head more and more to the left, remember to breath deep and slow breaths.
Enter center and repeat on the other side.
Enter center and let your head drop backwards, open your mouth, breath. Enter center.  
Lift your shoulders up to your ears and come into circle movements, shoulders up, drop backwards, up and forward, do few circles and inhale and exhale in every circle. 
Reverse the circle.
Enter center and pause.

-          The Cat and The dog, few times with the rhythm of the breath, inhale and exhale. Get on your four feet’s, press your back upwards, beginning the moment in your tailbone, let your belly drop and arch your spine, beginning the movement in the tailbone. Repeat as often as you which.    
-          The rag doll; coming from sitting to standing, hanging from the hips forward, totally relaxing your upper body.
-          The Moon Salutation, one round.

-          The wind reliving pose; lie on your back and bend your knees towards your chest and hug your knees by grapping your elbows with your hands, inhale and press your thighs against your body, exhale and press your body against your thighs, repeat as you which.
-          The shoulder stand; roll up to your shoulders and led your legs hang upside down. Make sure that you don’t strain your neck and the pressure is on your elbows and your hands, where you rest your hipbones To come down from the shoulder stand, bend your knees to your forehead and then roll slowly down on your back.
Relax lying on your back for few minutes 

I hope that you did enjoy this shorter version of today’s class.

Responsibility said the Angels today. For me it means that we are responsible for our life’s. Sure that many things happen to us that we can not control, but we can try to take control over how we deal with it. I know it such a cliché but it is so much that we can do to improve our situations, I don’t say it´s easy, it sure isn’t. But try to put on a smile when you absolutely don’t feel like it, cry for a moment and then smile:) I am sure that your have beautiful smile.

Smile to the world and the world will smile right back at you:)
Thank your for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

fredag 22 mars 2013


You always need to have faith, faith for live. That live will bring you what is good for you, have faith in that everybody around you will be well. Faith in that what you need will be reviled to you and that you will see it when it comes to you. Right now I have faith in my health consult, I belief that his advises are good for my and that with great effort I will be able to heal myself.
Where lye’s your faith, what do you have faith in?  

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

onsdag 20 mars 2013


I have issues with time, there is so much fun to do and so little time. How is your relationship with time? How do you use your time? Are you always waiting for something to happen or are you constantly doing something. I am one of those that are always doing something and on the run, trying to do as much as possible before this or before that. So I’m usually always on the last minute, stressing. I find it very hard to stop doing what I am doing when I feel that I have five more minutes, but then it always takes more time to prepare for the next thing and I am there again, stressing. It´s just amazing to put your self in this situation over and over again. It´s lack of calculations’ skills ! yeah I think it is. And I actually think that I work better this way, I work better the last minutes when I just have to get it done. How about you?    

Expectancy said the Angels today. What can you expect today, 
what will happen in your life today?

By the way I just love my watch, I get happy when I check the time, almost always,
sometimes, like now I see that time has run away from me and I am getting late, I am sitting here writing this, knowing that I am leaving in few moments and I should get something to eat before I go! 
So, see you later alligator <3

Jai jai

tisdag 19 mars 2013

Yoga classes and Yoga practice

It is not only the practice of yoga that gives me energy and wellbeing,

 it is as much my yoga classes.
To meet the people that come to my classes and do yoga together in a group is wonderful. 
My groups are special, there is such a great energy in the room with all of them.
I have said it before and I will say it again I love giving yoga classes.

Understanding said the Angels today, I have got that massage a few times lately, 
what can that mean?
I will wonder about it, try to find out what I need to understand.

Today we have three good postures for your back. Warm up a little bit before you do them

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

Ligg på magen med armarna längs sidorna, lite utåt,med handflatorna i golvet, med hakan eller pannan på marken.

1. Spänn skinkorna, pressa ned blygbenet, andas in och lyft upp bröst, armar och ben
2. Pressa ut igenom tåarna
3. Pressa hälarna uppåt
4. Pressa hjässan från axlar
5. Pressa ut genom fingerspetsarna

- Sträcker ryggmuskler och inälvor i buk
- Ökar blodcirkulationen till njurar
- Stimulerar bukspottkörtel, sköldkörtel och könsorgan.
- Riktar upp ryggen
- Öppnar bröstet, stärker lungor och underlättardjup andning
- Stärker, tränar och förlänger magmuskler
- Tränar och stärker bakdels- lår- och benmuskler
- Stimulerar blodcirkulationen

- Dålig rygg, lyfta lite från golvet

- Graviditet, mer än tre månader.
Framböjningen -Pashcimottanasana

Sitt med benen framsträckta 
1. Pressa ner setbenen.
2. Pressa hjässan från axlarna.
3. Lyfta armarna upp över huvudet och pressa fingerspetsarna från axlarna.
5. Pressa ut genom bröstet och öppna bröstet.
6. Pressa ut igenom hälarna, tåarna uppåt
7. Låt kroppen sjunka sakta över raka benet.
8. Sjunk sakta neråt, huvud och hals följer ryggraden, ta tag i fötterna, pressa hjässan
     mot fötterna, förläng ryggraden.

- Sträcker hela baksidan av kroppen, från hälar till hals
- Gör ryggraden starkare och ökar flexibilitet i ryggraden och höfter
- Stimulerar nervsystemet
- Förlänger muskler, ligament och nerver
- Masserar, stimulerar och stärker tarmar, njurar, lever, gallblåsa, mjälte och
- Förminskar förstoppning och hemorrojder
- Stärker höfter, lår och magmuskler
- Lugnar sinne och känslor

- Dåliga eller stela ryggmuskler ( inte sträcka armarna över huvudet, ha rak
  rygg och böj överkroppen från höfterna, använda tygband på raka benet och
  kudde under höfterna)
- Förstoppning ( inte hålla länge)
- Graviditet (använda tygband, inte klämma magen och inte föra pannan mot
- Ryggskott ( använda kudde för höfter och knän)

- Nyligen eller kronisk skada eller inflammation i rygg 

Ligg på magen med händerna under axlarna och armbågarna mot sidorna.

1. Spänn skinkorna, sträck på benen, pressa ner blygbenet
2. Lyft buken, bröstet och händerna från golvet, håll en stund och andas djupt
2. Pressa huvud ifrån axlarna
3. Pressa utigenom tåarna
4. Kom ner ur ställningen
5. Pressa ned handflator och kom upp i ställningen igen med handflatorna i golvet,                  
    sträck på huvud, slappna av i axlarna och pressa armbogarna mot sidorna.

- Stärker handleder, armar, axlar och ryggmuskler
- Riktar upp ryggraden
- Stärker lungor och bidrar till djupare andning
- Sträcker och stärker magmuskler och inälvor
- Bra för underliv och eggstockar
- Hjälper till att få ordning på menstruation och kan lindra menstruationsvärk

Försiktighet om:
- Dåliga ryggmuskler

Avstå om:
- Graviditet efter tre månader

torsdag 7 mars 2013


It is so much to be grateful for:)
I am grateful for my day off today and that the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful.
I am grateful for my wonderful daughter and husband and the beautiful house we have.

There are so much thinks that happens in our life’s that brings us joy, we just must remember to look for them, to look up and see everything that is happening all the time. To many of us spend way to much time to dwell at the problems and obstacles that comes our way. Look up and see the sun:) enjoy the gift of life.

Thank you all who have left a comment on the blog:)
Please leave your name and where you are living.

Thank you all for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan