onsdag 20 mars 2013


I have issues with time, there is so much fun to do and so little time. How is your relationship with time? How do you use your time? Are you always waiting for something to happen or are you constantly doing something. I am one of those that are always doing something and on the run, trying to do as much as possible before this or before that. So I’m usually always on the last minute, stressing. I find it very hard to stop doing what I am doing when I feel that I have five more minutes, but then it always takes more time to prepare for the next thing and I am there again, stressing. It´s just amazing to put your self in this situation over and over again. It´s lack of calculations’ skills ! yeah I think it is. And I actually think that I work better this way, I work better the last minutes when I just have to get it done. How about you?    

Expectancy said the Angels today. What can you expect today, 
what will happen in your life today?

By the way I just love my watch, I get happy when I check the time, almost always,
sometimes, like now I see that time has run away from me and I am getting late, I am sitting here writing this, knowing that I am leaving in few moments and I should get something to eat before I go! 
So, see you later alligator <3

Jai jai

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