onsdag 13 november 2013

Morning sun

What a beautiful morning 
the sun is coming up behind the trees and it will by a fine day

Strength said the Angels this morning
and feeling the sun gives strength

I will open the curtains and sit in this shifting from dark to light and meditate  
feel the light growing in the room.

I wish you a great day today
Jai Bhagwan 

lördag 9 november 2013

Cosy inside

on a gray autumn day
its raining and the sky is nearly black in the middle of the day  

This morning was the last saturday yoga class for this term 
we will start again at the end of january next year
Time really flays 
Thank you all for this time :)

Willingness said the Angels today
we have to be willing to set a side time to take care of our selfs
do something that makes us fell good
in the body, soul and mind
do you like to dance
do you like jogging
to walk
to do yoga 
what is your thing 
that you are willing to do for your self to feel well ?

If yoga is right for you today here are some postures for you

The airplane
to do one both sides

you can also use it as a breathing exercise 
then you swift from side to side with a hara breath 
hah hah hah hah
breathing from abdomen    

The Warrior 

good for your; 
and more  

The Dancer

good for your;
nervous system
and more

The Camel

good for your;
back and shoulders
abdominas muscles
blood circulation
and more 

The Poppy stretch 

good for your;
back and spine

The child pose 

good for;
calming the mind and emotions 
tranquilizes the hole system 


I hope this helps you with your practice 
Thank you for stopping by 
and have a nice weekend 

Jai Bhagwan Sif

måndag 28 oktober 2013


Denna vecka är det inget yoga
vi tar höstlov:)

Now classes this week
autumn holiday 

Men vi kan ju göra några övningar ändå

Have a nice day
Thank you for stopping by 
Jai Bhagwan

lördag 26 oktober 2013

A beautiful day

There is beauty everywhere around us 
all this beautiful autumn colors
I just  love it:)

Today we can do
The Fish 

The Bridge

The Shoulder Stand

The Plough 

Have a beautiful day today
Jai Bhagwan

tisdag 22 oktober 2013


Every second there is a new life starting somewhere in the world
I wish every newborn the best of luck in life
and I hope they all get 

love and respect 
home and security 
education and wellness
and may all theirs wishes come true <3

Few stretches for today

I hope you have a great day:)
Jai Bhagwan

söndag 20 oktober 2013

Yoga with a friend

This beautiful sunday morning I did yoga with a friend in my living room,   
a dear friend visiting from Iceland, 
she is also a yoga teacher, giving classes in Reykjavik few times a week

Such a wonderful moment in silence, grace and devotion
a total surrender to the gift of yoga 

We did a Vata inspired posture, for balancing the Vata 
using the Ujjayi breathing throughout the practice 
a variant of the Sun Salutation,   
the five pointed star
the godess pose 
the crow
the boat
 spinal twist with the knees bents to your chest
 a deep relaxation  
and meditation 

After breakfast we went for a walk in the fantastic weather that Stockholm offers this morning

Thank you for stopping by
I hope you have a great day
Jai Bhagwan

tisdag 15 oktober 2013

Delightful yoga

Delight said the Angles today
and it is a delightful morning

Wake up the body with some stretches 

See the delight in your life
Have a delightful day
Jai Bhagwan Sif <3

lördag 5 oktober 2013

Grateful for yoga

I am so grateful for yoga, it has been in my life for 24 years
I started with yoga when I lived in Mallorca.
I found a little yoga center en the center of Palma.
From my first day there I did yoga nearly every day for two years,
a wonderful gift.
Then when I moved back to Iceland for a couple of years and I came in contact with 
Kripalu Yoga, just the yoga form that suits me.
Wonderful people and a wonderful time in my life.
I continued to practice yoga daily and sometimes two times a day
After a while I started to do seva in our little  yoga center, 
cleaning the center two times a week.
What a wonderful way to devote your self to yoga, 
the quietness when I was alone taking care of  the center was so spiritual 
I am also grateful for that opportunity  
While I am sitting here writing this I can feel the love and warmth I felt for the wonderful people there and our beautiful center and the thankfulness for the opportunity to serve others 

I hope that you are well
Jai Bhagwan

onsdag 2 oktober 2013

Transformation with yoga

When I do my yoga in the morning I can feel the transformation in my body, 
how it wakes up and gets softer and warmer.
To start with a warm shower and the some stretches
Just wonderful:)

Few postures for a short practice
The Mountain 

The Half Moon
to do on both sides

The Triangle 
to do on both sides

The Cobra

The Boat

I hope this will help you with your practice
Have a great day
Jai Bhagwan

torsdag 26 september 2013

Few moments this morning

Just a few moments in the morning for yoga and meditation 
roll out your yoga mat, light a candle and just take the time:)
What a different it makes
I love it

Two times the Sun Salutation
The Moon Salutation
Spinal Twist
The Shoulder stand
and few more

Have a great day
Jai Bhagwan