torsdag 30 januari 2014

Yoga with my daughter

Today my daughter had the day off from school and she joined me in my yoga
so nice:)

We started with mediation  

we worked with the sides 

the feet and ankles 

the cat and the dog for the spine

the Mountain

and the Half Moon

the rag doll for releasing and relaxing  

stretching the legs upwards is good for the blod circulation  

oping up the thighs and the groins 

and the cat of course 

I hope you had a great yoga today
Jai Bhagwan 

måndag 27 januari 2014


Joy said the Angels today 
and it was a totally right word for the day
I went to the doctor today and he removed the stitches and the bandage of the foot
and it is looking good
I need to start doing some stretches for the foot, the ankle and the toes 
and I can rest the foot an the floor carefully and without leaning
so I dit work a bit with the feet in todays yoga

The cat is ready

10 minutes meditation 

The Butterfly
for the hips and thighs

Little stretches for the feet, ankles and toes 
moving the foots in circles 

the left one is not quite following yet:)

Spinal tvist 

Hara breath 
put your elbows on the floor 
lift your feet and zig sag them with a deep haaa, haaa haaa breath 
from the abdomen 

Work with your abdomen
lift your legs just a little bit above the floor 
hold for a moment
deep breathe
lower the legs and rest for a moment  

lift your  legs a bit higher this time
deep breath

this time lift your legs high and hold for a moment 

then bend your legs towards the chest  
then straighten them again just over the floor 
and repeat the circle two or three times   

as I have to begin  to use the foot I did some standing postures
just resting the left foot  

The Mountain  

 the Half Moon

both sides 

standing Yoga Murdra

and then some rest for a tired left leg:)
a few minutes relaxation  

Thank you for stoping by today
I hope that your yoga practice are going well

Jai Bhagwan

fredag 24 januari 2014


It is always delightful to do yoga
I fill my body, mind and soul with the delight of deep breath
feeling every stretch in the body
so delightful:)

Starting todays yoga with ten minutes mediation

 Stretching the tights, hips and groin 
with the Butterfly

Open up the sides 
and stretching the back 

 Open up the chest 
stretching the arms, the shoulders and back

with a deep breath bring the arms up over head
lover the arms with an exhale
repeat few times 

with one leg crossed over the other
bend forward and grab the food, stretching the leg and hips 
when inhaling, relax  
with exhaling deepen your stretch

 repeat on the other side 

open the sides and stretching the legs and back

the Cat stretch for the spine

the Dog stretch 
such a delightful stretches both of them 

a hara breath exercise 
bring your knee to your forehead and inhale

kick the leg backward 
and exhale with a hahh sound deep from the abdomen 
look up

I hope that my yoga can inspire you in your yoga
thank you for stopping by 
and have a nice weekend:)

Jai Bhagwan

onsdag 22 januari 2014

A few stretches

Today I did few stretches, well needed for my back and legs
now when I am starting to walk around all skewed, I would say that it is a bit like a
 duck walk:)
I have a special shoe so I cant  walk on the forefoot, carefully moving around a bit  

I meditated for fifteen minuts 
and then stared with perfect stretches for the back and legs
in the company of our wonderful cat 
she always join me in my yoga 

 Umh so nice for my back 

 and sides 

 great for the inner thigh 

 stretching the feet upwards is good for the blood circulation  

 the shoulder stand 

I am thankful for yoga
my own tool for wellness

Thank you for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan