fredag 24 januari 2014


It is always delightful to do yoga
I fill my body, mind and soul with the delight of deep breath
feeling every stretch in the body
so delightful:)

Starting todays yoga with ten minutes mediation

 Stretching the tights, hips and groin 
with the Butterfly

Open up the sides 
and stretching the back 

 Open up the chest 
stretching the arms, the shoulders and back

with a deep breath bring the arms up over head
lover the arms with an exhale
repeat few times 

with one leg crossed over the other
bend forward and grab the food, stretching the leg and hips 
when inhaling, relax  
with exhaling deepen your stretch

 repeat on the other side 

open the sides and stretching the legs and back

the Cat stretch for the spine

the Dog stretch 
such a delightful stretches both of them 

a hara breath exercise 
bring your knee to your forehead and inhale

kick the leg backward 
and exhale with a hahh sound deep from the abdomen 
look up

I hope that my yoga can inspire you in your yoga
thank you for stopping by 
and have a nice weekend:)

Jai Bhagwan

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