lördag 18 januari 2014

Yoga with my left food

And I that thought I couldn't do yoga because of my operation for my Hallux Valgus 
 of course I can:)
So here I am with a few simple stretches done today 
everyone can do these<3 

A good stretch for the back and the legs

repeat on both sides  

a fantastic stretch for the thighs and the hips
both sides 

the butterfly for the thighs, hips and groins 

effective stretches for the sides 
of course to repeat on both sides :)

the spinal twist 

 the meditation 

and then the relaxation for the foot 
and some blogging :)

I have been a very good girl and given the foot 
and the body the relaxation that is needed for the recovery, 
lying in my sofa with the foot high
and I can fell that the recovery is going very well
it is much less pain and I can move the toes a bit:) 

Thank you for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan

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