måndag 13 januari 2014

Happy New Year

Hi all my dear yoga friends 
Forgive my for how long time it has been since I have posted a post on this blog
I hope your are all still with me:)
I have missed it but I just din´t have the time or energy the last weeks.
But you know you can always go to the older posts 
for inspiration for your yoga practice 

But now I hope that I will find more time for my dear blog
I usually have more time this time of the year

The yoga classes will unfortunately start a bit later this term then usually 
because I have had a little operation on my left foot
the operation went well and I hope that I will recover fast and well:)
Until then I have a special shoe to wear or jump on my right foot:)

I have not taking so much time for my yoga or mediation practice as I would have liked to do for the last few weeks, but now I will have time for my meditation, but I will have to wait with the yoga until my food have healed.

I was in New York for Christmas and I had hoped to find a yoga studio to go to but the one I found was closed for the Holidays, better luck next time
But I did some yoga with my dear yoga sisters in Iceland over New Years
and that was just wonderful
They are such a fantastic yoga teachers
we did some yoga sitting on a chair, so well prepared and effective, 
what a great idea :)
I can still feel the delight in the surprise and effectivity of it 

How has your yoga been?

I haven´t taken a Angels Card for a long time either
but today they said Harmony
I hope you find Harmony in your life
and in the things you do

Thank you for stopping by
and I will be back soon, I promise<3
Jai Bhagwan

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