fredag 15 maj 2015

Mindfulness meditation

25 minutes mindfulness meditation in the sun
I can sit in my glasveranda with the door open and sitt in the sun and stay warm in my stillness 
even though it is a bit could outside 

Sitting mindfulness meditation; 
by aware how you sit and the sensation in your body where the body touches the ground
what does it feel like, be conscious
take few minutes to meditate one that

Then shift your focus to the sounds around you or within you
listens to the sounds without thinking about where they come from
feel the sounds, acknowledge them and let go 
take few minutes for the sounds

Then shift your focus to your breath 
find the place in our body where it is easiest to focus on the breath 
when the air is going in and out your nostrils 
where the chest riches and falls 
or the movements in your abdomen 
fallow the breath for few minutes

Then shift your focus to your thoughts 
where do they come from
where do they go to
what are they
see your thoughts and then let them go
try to not dwell on them and get carried away in stories or memories
take few minutes with your thoughts 

Then shift your focus to your breath again 
just sit for a moment in the stillness and be aware of the breath and your body 
Take the time you need 

What is the purpose with meditating?
For my it is crucial so that I won't run around in unconiusnes,
not hearing what my body tries to tell me,
not noticing when I am woking to much,
when I am missing the moment.
It helps my being in the moment

Thank you for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan 

lördag 9 maj 2015

Meditation in the sun

A Saturday morning and the sun is shining
and I meditated in the sun
can it get any better than that:)

The Saturday classes are finished this term
now everybody will enjoy their Saturday mornings in another way, 
hopefully in the sun in their summerhouses 

I am enjoying sitting in my sunny garden writhing this post
with my beautiful daughter laying here next to me sunbathing
I hope you are having a great morning:)

I am meditating every day, 15 - 25 minutes in the morning
and 10 minutes before I go to sleep to
In the evening I meditated a heeling meditation
to thank my body for the day and that it carries my around all day
and that it is doing it best to handel everything I put in it
It is not always the best stuff I feed it with
but the body tries to do its best with it and we try to work together
It gives my signs when I am out of line
and I´v been eating stuff that is not good for us
it gives me headache
a pain in my knee
sore throat
dry skin
and I get forceless and tiered
these and more are all signs that I have to take better care of what I eat.
I am grateful for my body and the way it tries to work with me:)

Abundance said the Angels today
I am grateful for everything I have
I don't need more
some of the things that can not be to much off is

Have a wonderful day today:)
Thank your for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan