lördag 11 april 2015

Saturday morning

I like Saturdays, I get to start the day with my yoga class
It is quiet in the morning, not many people around

 We did work with our shoulders and back
and dit the Sun Salutation slowly
and some other postures 
it was a meditative morning 
and we ended with relaxation 

Efficiency was the message from the Angels to day
and I will go out in the garden and enjoy the sun and do some gardening  

I hope you have a great day to day
Jai Bhagwan 

fredag 10 april 2015

Hi there

Hi my dear yoga friends
 thank you all for stopping by even though I have been away from the blog for awhile

Expectancy said the Angels today
and that is exactly the twinkling feeling these days of springtime:)
 when the days get longer and brighter
and the temperature rises a bit every day.
The expectations of seeing what nature offers next
seeing all the wonderful colors of spring bulbs that are emerging from the earth

I am meditating two times a day
20 minuts in the morning and 10 minuts in the evening.
How is it going with your meditation?

I am taking a curse in Mindfulness these weeks
and I like it very much
it is wonderful with all this awareness,
 reminding myself to take time to be in the moment
be aware of the motions and feelings that comes and goes all the the time.

I hope you are all fine and thank you for stopping by
Jai Bhagwan