söndag 25 januari 2015


Trust said the Angels today
I am trusting that this new year will be a very good year in all ways
Time flies and January is in its last week and so far it has been alright 
I trust that life will treat all of us well:)

How is your meditation going
are you still following the two times a day meditation
I am! it is all about just doing it:)
if you have 10 minutes or if you have an half an hour 
dosen´t matter
This morning I hade a bit more time so I sat for twenty five minutes, nice:)

I hope you have a great day today
Jai Bhagwan 

onsdag 21 januari 2015

Välkommen att prova på yoga

Välkommen att gratis 
Prova på Yoga i Mälarhöjden 
Villa Fridhem, Bellmansskällevägen 18

Lördagen 24 januari kl. 10.30-11.30 

Instruktör: Sif Ulfarsdottir
 Info: sif.ulfarsdottir@gloclanet.net
telefon: 0707 490762

onsdag 14 januari 2015

This season classes starts this next weekend

We have had a long nice Christmas vacation
but now it´s time to meet again and 
stretch, breathe and meditate

We start next Saturday 17/1 at 09.00 -10.00
13 grr. 1.755:-
and Monday 19/1 19.00-20.00
15 grr. 2.025:-
You are so welcome:)

Truth said the Angels this evening
We should always be truthful to our selfs
are you truly listening to your self and your needs  

I hope you are fine:)
Jai Bhagwan

måndag 5 januari 2015

Happy New Year

Hi everybody :)
I wish you all a very happy and good new year 
I hope it has already started well and that you are in harmony
with your self and your life 

I mediated for 20 minutes this morning 
and did 50 minutes gymnastik 
and the energy is at it best
 I am ready to get to work
with a calm mind and body full of life
I am in harmony with my self:)

Maybe you have time for a Sun Salutation today  

I hope that you have a wonderful day today
Jai Bhagwan