torsdag 12 juni 2014

Take time

Time time time
it is so much that I want to do
and there is so much that I have to do
and it seams that there is never enough time

But to day I took time for my body
first I went out for a run-walk
a couple a years ago I started with this run-walk thing
I do it for a period of time and then I don´t do it for another period of time!
But now the weather is in favor so it is just to find time
you can do it for twenty minutes or more, I never go for less then 20 minutes 

So this is how it go´s !
you walk powerfully for 10 min 
then you run 2 min
walk again 2 min 
run 2 min
walk 2 min
run 2 min 

not to complain about the view on the way:) 

Then back at home some stretches 

and now that I have started why not do the Sun Salutation

and then continue with the Moon Salutation

20 minutes meditation
so needed!

and then total relaxation
also very needed :)

So my 20 minutes run-walk
became 1 hour body and mind time

I hope this will inspire you to take care of your body:)
Jai Bhagwan

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