lördag 31 maj 2014

Time for meditation

These last weeks have been very busy and when I have so much work I tend to start running instead of walking and my mind also start going faster and faster, and I really need to remind myself to take time to slow down and meditated, otherwise I get the felling that I am literally losing my mind, that it will just fly away, and I don´t wont that, now do I? :)

If I don´t take the time at home in the morning 
I try to use the time it takes for my to go to work with the underground
I put some soft yogamusic in my ears, close my eyes and meditate on my breath 
and it helps, my mind relaxes and my breath get slower and I managed to walk to work and not run:)
I love yoga and meditation  

Thank you for stopping by today
I hope that you find calmness in you life
Jai Bhagwan

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