fredag 1 augusti 2014


Hi my dear friends 
thank you all for visting and I am so sorry that it has been such a long time since my last post
I have had a great summer with my family and friends 
I have been traveling to Iceland, Skåne and Copenhagen 
and had some guests from New York, Madrid and Reykjavik

I was in Iceland for two weeks
I stayed at my mothers house and got to spend time with her
I got to do yoga with my best friends
I worked with my aunt and her family
I had dinner with my brother
I took motorbike classes and know I have license to drive a heavy motorbike:)
and this weekend I will get my new motorbike
I am so excited  

Grace said the Angels today
Grace can be so much
this time I felt tenderness and graceful softness for myself and the space around my
felt the need to move slowly and gracefully

I have to admit that I haven´t been faithful to my yoga practice since Iceland
and I miss it so much
I can feel how my body screams for it
I haven´t been ignored my body thought 
I have been doing some gymnastic and I walk-run few times a week

But this morning I did some yoga:)
and I could feel how grateful my body was
and my mind 
because there is a immediately connection in the body and mind  
and then my soul gets happy

Few of the today postures 

How is your yoga practice going on this summer
I would like to hear from you
you know that you can leave comments on the blog
if you don´t have a blog your self
you can comment as anonymous 
and if you are a blogger I would love to visit your blog:)

Have a great day everybody
now I will go out for my walk-run:)
Jai Bhagwan 

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