tisdag 9 juli 2013

Commitment to meditation

Have you visit Darren Mains blog? you find the link to it here at my blog 
He is a wonderful person that I met nearly 20 years ago at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts when we where together at the Yoga Teacher Training 
He is an author and yoga instructor in San Francisco.
 The 23th of may he posted a post about how meditation effects the brain, 
it is very interesting, well worth reading.

I have decided to meditate at least 15 minutes preferable 30 minutes every day
and then do my Ashanas 
Dosen't matter if it is in the morning or in the evening, I will just take time for it.  
Yoga practice comes and goes in periods in my life, 
when I stared 24 years ago it was a daily routine in my life for two years.
Then it was a little less and then a little more again. Now it is time for little more:) 
I want to experiment how meditation will help me in my daily life, I want to feel the effect concrete. It is no doubt about that it helps to calm the mind and help you focusing and strengthen your well-being.
  But I want to see how my life will be different concretely.
What is it that will be different? 
How will it be different? 
What will change?

How exiting :)

Even thought I am less on the yoga matt for a short period of time I am always aware of my connection to yoga, in my soul, body and mind and in my lifestyle. It is always there. I think about what I eat, how I tread my body, how I move and walk, I am aver of my breath and how the awareness is making my life worth living:)  

You are welcome to join me and commit to yourself for your daily meditation? 
You decide how much time is best for you

Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position,
on the floor with a pillow or on a chair.
Make sure that you are sitting with your spine straight and open chest.
Close your eyes and focus on your breath
By focusing on your breath you give your brain a possibility to just concentrate on one thing and it will slow down your thoughts. 

Thank you for stopping by 
and I hope you have a wonderful day today:)
Jai Bhagwan 

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