tisdag 9 december 2014

Christmas vacation

Last week was the last class this year 
and know we have a Christmas vacation from class
but we can all do some yoga on our own

It is always nice to meditate for a few minutes before starting with the poses

The Mountain 

The Tree, both sides
to help with the balance look at a spot in front of you

The Dancer, both sides

 The Camel
you can also place your hands on the lover back 
if it is to hard to bend all the way to the heals 
open your chest 

The Pigeon, both sides
you can also have your hands on the flor beside the knees
or the hands on the knees
take care of your back 

The Cobra
you can also have your lover arms and elbows on the floor 
it is easier on the back

The boat 

and end with a few moment of relaxation

Healing said the Angels today
There are many ways in how we can heal our selfs
thinking about, what we eat is one way

It is unbelievable how foot affects the body
have you thought about it ?
Maybe you often have a headache and you just don´t  understand why,
it can definitely be something you eat
your knee ache, 
you have a cough that just wont leave,
you have a running or stuffy nose 
or something else that is kind of chronic and you just can not get rid of 
It can all be because you are eating something that is not good for your body
like sugar and white flour  
and many other things

Food affectes your bacterial system in your intestines and if that is out of balance 
it can give you all kind of body problems 

Take time for healing:) 

Thank you for stopping by
and have a healing day:)

Jai Bhagwan 

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