onsdag 19 november 2014

The Moon Salutation

Today we can do the Moon Salutation 
if you don´t have time in the morning you can do it at your lunch break
you don´t need so much space and you can do it without your yoga mat

Start in The Mountain
and ground your self
use your breath to relax into your stretches 

Take time for healing said the Angels today

If you are sore in your body
why not give yourself a massage in your favorite massage place
Mälarhöjdens Lilla Spa have great masseurs

Or soften your body with a hot bath
put some body salt in your bath water 
light a candle and relax 

Or just lie down and relax with some soft musik
and candles

I wish you a great day:)
hugs and Jai Bhagwan 

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