måndag 24 juni 2013


The sun is shining and life is nice.
I was working in a garden today and I really needed to use my strength
I was cutting down big trees using a little saw:)
Little woman with little saw for big trees=Strength

It's such a blessing to have a job working in gardens, being abel to by outside with nature. 
Sure it's better when the sun is shining, but it is also a special feeling when it is raining. The soil is somehow fresher and the air so clean. 

When I am gardening I think about how I use my body, 
how can I use yoga in my gardening?
If I am picking weeds I try do go down on all four and while picking  I do the cat and the dog stretches 
If picking something up, you can do it in two ways,
bending the knees to a squat and the as rising up straitening the legs completely.
The other way; bend from the hips with your legs straight, and stretch the back off your legs.

It is all about awareness, being aware how you use your body while working

Thank you for stopping by today
I hope your day was nice
Jai jai 

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