tisdag 2 april 2013


Harmony said the Angels today. Harmony is necessary for our wellbeing, you need to be in harmony with your self on all levels. If you are feeling sick in your body it might be your soul and mind that is hurt or you are eating the wrong kind of food. And you get into a bad circle of sickness and tiredness. 
What can we do, to be well on all levels ? 
Practice yoga or exercise, meditate and eat well.
Food is a big part of our wellbeing, it can be crucial for our health what we eat. If our body function is for some reason out of balance, we should look for a health consult and see over our eating habits and at the same time take care of our soul and mind.
We need to listen to ourselves when we get signals that say that we are not in Harmony with our core.  
Most of the time your body will tell you, listen to your body.
Soul, mind and body is one.

Thank you for stopping by today
Jai Bhagwan

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