måndag 15 april 2013


Release we got today from the Angels. 
What a wonderful word and action, now in spring time so many tidy up in their house and get rid of things that they don’t need anymore. Releasing them self’s form stuff they have piled up and are just standing there for no use.  
I have stared tidying up in myself and getting rid off such that I don’t need anymore. And when you start digging you will find a lot that you don’t want anymore, so much stuff that have piled up along the years, you don’t even know where you got it or why you picket it up on the way.  
Release and let go. How awesome :)

What are you carrying around inside that you don’t need no more?
Today there is our evening yoga, I am looking forward to that. 
Such a gift to sit in front of all this beautiful people.

I wish you a beautiful day today and always
Jai Bhagwan

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