torsdag 22 augusti 2013

Another wonderful day

It is just to have faith in that  life will provide you with what you need,
you just have to know what you need so you know when you get it :) 

Now school has stared and everybody in the family is in full daily routine,
getting up early in the morning and leaving home to return later in the afternoon.
But the days are still long, daylight early in the morning until early evening.
I thing that is a big differences,
 when it starts to be dark in the morning and dark around three in the afternoon, 
the energy drains.
But thats not now :) thats later

Now I am still relatively alert in the morning and ready to go up a little bit earlier to manage to do my yoga and meditate
but it is also more work in the morning when everybody is up and about before leaving to work and school
but I always squeeze in 
The Sun salutation
The Moon Salutation 
and three or five other postures

My body specially likes all the spinal twist postures 

Thank you for stopping by today
I hope your day will be nice
Mine is:)

Jai Bhagwan

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