söndag 11 augusti 2013

Different people

Why are we the way we are? What is it that makes us us? What is it that makes us react to life as we do? Can we really control how we feel and how our life's unfolds ? 
What is it in us that makes us achieve our dreams? What is the different between doers and not doers, happy people and unhappy people?

I know a woman that is very unhappy, her mantra is that everything is so difficult and unfair. Every step she takes is in self-pity and she is almost incapable of enjoying anything. If something nice happens in her life she has this amazing ability to see the negative side of it instead of enjoying it. She amazes my and inspire my. Because her incessantly negativity pushes me into the opposite, to see the bright sides of life and really enjoy everything that happens. 
Is it really so simple that it is in her power to change this. We like to think so, we like to think that it is just for us to turn our thoughts from negative to positive. That we always have two choses, that we can chose how we react. 
Then I know another woman that never seems to have a problem or have negative experiences, she never talks about what goes wrong, she just experiences and take in the positive things and don't bother with the other. She never sees problems , only challenges. Solving problems and find out way to do things is positive not negative. That is amazing and inspiring.

So, what is the difference between those two? why do they approach life so differently? Is it really only a question of state of mind?

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Jai Bhagwan

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  1. Góð spurning :-) Knús á þig krúttan mín, Inga.

  2. Já, hefur þú eitthvað gott svar við henni, Ingan sæta :)